The Different Types Of Flooring Options Explained

laminate-flooring-5-735x536Traditional rugs have been widely used for many centuries. The rich and powerful would send and receive them as gifts and admire them as gorgeous luxury items that only they could own. The finest examples were treated as true works of art and wealthy people would have them arranged around their homes as a statement. These rugs were produced at great cost and were intended to last for many years. Traditional rugs have been known to be mentioned specifically in wills and were considered to be a possession of great value.

Laminate, actually a “picture” of real wood, will fool quite a few people today, and the layman cannot distinguish between laminate and real hardwood FloorFactory Laminatgulv. Laminate is absolutely our # 1 choice for large families and those with pets. Your kids can slop jelly bread on the floor, the dog can overturn it’s dish, and your husband can drip paint all over the floor and most laminates will laugh it off. Before you turn you nose up at laminate, go out there and see what’s available. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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